Trigger - General Broadcast

The trigger General Broadcast dynamically registers a broadcast receiver at runtime with the specified intent filter.
Please also see the Android Developer Documentation.


  • Receive the current WiFi signal strength (only when the display is turned on):
    Access Intent Extras: value=getInt("newRssi", 0);
The action to use in the intent filter.
Category List
The list of categories to use in the intent filter.
Data Scheme List
The list of data schemes to use in the intent filter. (like http, content etc.).
Data Authority List
The list of data authorities to use in the intent filter (host:port).
Data Path Literal List
The list of data paths to use in the intent filter (the specified pattern has to match the entire path)
Data Path Prefix List
The list of data paths to use in the intent filter (the specified pattern has to match the prefix of the path)
Data Path Glob List
The list of data paths to use in the intent filter (the specified glob pattern has to match the entire path)
Data Type List
The list of MIME types to use in the intent filter.
Access Intent Extras
Script to access the extras in the received intent.
Following functions are supported:
  • getString(String key)
  • getChar(String key, String defaultValue)
  • getBoolean(String key, Boolean defaultValue)
  • getFloat(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getDouble(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getByte(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getShort(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getInt(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getLong(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getBundle(String key)
  • getUri(String key)
  • getBooleanArray(String key)
  • getByteArray(String key)
  • getShortArray(String key)
  • getCharArray(String key)
  • getIntArray(String key)
  • getIntegerArrayList(String key)
  • getLongArray(String key)
  • getFloatArray(String key)
  • getDoubleArray(String key)
  • getStringArray(String key)
  • getUriArray(String key)
  • getUriArrayList(String key)
  • getParcelableAsString(String key)
  • getParcelableArrayAsString(String key)
  • getParcelableArrayListAsString(String key)
  • getParcelable(String key)

    value = getString("key1");
    value = getBoolean("key2", true);
    value = getDouble("key3", 1.23);
    value = getInt("key4", 42);
    value = getInt("key5", a+4*b);
Data of intents wrapped in a Bundle-extra can be accessed using function getBundle(String name).
Values contained in a bundle can be accessed with the functions used to accessed regular extras but by additionally specifying the bundle.

    bundle = getBundle("key1");
    value = getString(bundle, "key2");
compact form:
    value = getString(getBundle("key1"), "key2");
Example to access the track info of PowerAMP:
    track_info = getBundle("track");

    artist = getString(track_info, "artist");
    album = getString(track_info, "album");
    title = getString(track_info, "title");
    path = getString(track_info, "path");
    duration = getInt(track_info, "dur", 0);
Initial Sticky Broadcast
Whether to ignore the initial broadcast sent for a sticky broadcast or not.
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the time the trigger executed
the action of the received intent
the data of the received intent as a string
the list of categories
the scheme of the received intent
the explicitly set MIME type of the received intent