Trigger - File Observer

The trigger File Observer is executed when a path of interest on the filesystem is accessed or changed.


  • Create a copy of a file after it has been modified.
  • Upload a new image to Dropbox when a new subfile is created in folder /sdcard/DCIM/Camera/.
Paths to Observe
A comma separated list of files or directories to observe. Variables are supported (replaced when trigger is activated).
Event Types
The type of events to observe.
  • File accessed: Data was read from a file
  • Modify: Data was written to a file
  • Metadata changed: Metadata (permissions, owner, timestamp) was changed explicitly
  • Writable file closed: Someone had a file or directory open for writing, and closed it
  • Unwritable file closed: Someone had a file or directory open read-only, and closed it
  • File opened: A file or directory was opened
  • File moved from: A file or subdirectory was moved from the monitored directory
  • File moved to: A file or subdirectory was moved to the monitored directory
  • Subfile created: A new file or subdirectory was created under the monitored directory
  • Subfile deleted: A file was deleted from the monitored directory
  • Delete Self: The monitored file or directory was deleted; monitoring effectively stops
  • Self moved: The monitored file or directory was moved; monitoring continues
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the time the trigger executed
the path of the observed file or directory
the event represented as a number:
  • File accessed: 1 (0x00000001)
  • Modify: 2 (0x00000002)
  • Metadata changed: 4 (0x00000004)
  • Writable file closed: 8 (0x00000008)
  • Unwritable file closed: 16 (0x00000010)
  • File opened: 32 (0x00000020)
  • File moved from: 64 (0x00000040)
  • File moved to: 128 (0x00000080)
  • Subfile created: 256 (0x00000100)
  • Subfile deleted: 512 (0x00000200)
  • Delete Self: 1024 (0x00000400)
  • Self moved: 2048 (0x00000800)
the path of the file or directory which triggered the event, relative to the main monitored file or directory