Trigger - Compass

The trigger Compass executes the flow when the device changes its orientation.

Warning: This trigger uses the device hardware sensors and might increase battery usage (depending on device model). Some devices turn off the sensors when the screen is off.


  • Play a beep sound when the device is heading north.
The type of the trigger.

  • Periodic: executes the flow in periodic time intervals
  • On Change: executes the flow when the orientation changed for at least some degrees.
  • On Relative Sector Change: Remembers the device orientation when this trigger is enabled first, divides the orientation into the specified number of equal sectors and executes the flow whenever the device stays in a different sector.
Defines the frequency between flow executions.
Tolerance in Degrees
The minimum amount of change in the device orientation required to execute the flow.
trigger when steady
Executes the flow only when the device does not change the direction for a short period of time anymore.
Number of Sectors
The number of equal sectors to divide the orientation of the device. The sectors are numbered starting at 1 and incrementing in clockwise order.

When 4 sectors are desired the 360° possible degrees are divided into 4 sectors with an opening angle of 90° each. The sectors are relative to the initial device orientation when the trigger was enabled.
  • Sector 1: 315° to 45°
  • Sector 2: 45° to 135°
  • Sector 3: 135° to 225°
  • Sector 4: 225° to 315°
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the time the trigger executed
the azimuth in degrees
the pitch in degrees
the roll in degrees
azimuth_sector (On Relative Sector Change only)
the azimuth sector (1 to Number of Sectors)
pitch_sector (On Relative Sector Change only)
the pitch sector (1 to Number of Sectors)
roll_sector (On Relative Sector Change only)
the roll sector (1 to Number of Sectors)