Trigger - App Task Ended

The trigger App Task Ended is executed when an application is moved to the background or closed respectively the user moved the focus to another app.
The application might still be running in the background or the process hosting the application might still be in memory.


  • Raise the media volume back to normal when you leave the browser.
  • Change the display brightness back to normal when you don't use Google Maps anymore.
How the app should be determined. Method Usage statistics can be delayed on some devices.
Package Name
Enter the name of the package of the application or use the button to show a list of available applications. Glob patterns (*, ?) can be used to match apps with similar names. A single *-character matches all apps.
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the time the trigger executed
the name of the package
the display name of the app