read the same text with random variations

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read the same text with random variations

Post by tsolignani » 12 Feb 2020 17:31

Good evening everyone.

Let's say I have to read a text with small variations every time, in order to avoid spam filter.

I could write the original text as something like (I have no idea that syntax could work, it's just an example).

Hallo {world,planet}

And then Automagic could fill a variable getting, say, the first time the word "world" and the second one the term "planet"...

How would you do that?

Thank you, have a nice evening.

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Re: read the same text with random variations

Post by Desmanto » 12 Feb 2020 19:08

Create a list and get random element from it. I use example of full sentence list.

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variation = newList("Hello World", "Hallo Planet", "Welcome to Earth", "Mother Earth guide me", "To the Infinity");
text = getRandomElement(variation);
You can also append append the word or part of it, just concatenate it.
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