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Overlay / Einstellungen

Post by schuster666 » 11 Feb 2020 09:53

Ich musste gerade feststellen, dass die "zeige Overlay Steuerung" innerhalb der "Einstellungen" nicht funktioniert.
Diese wird zwar noch im eigentlichen obersten Menü der Einstellungen angezeigt, aber in allen Untermenüs wird dieses ausgeblendet.

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Ist das jetzt ein Bug?

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Re: Overlay / Einstellungen

Post by Desmanto » 11 Feb 2020 18:59

No, it is new security feature from since Android Pie 9.0, as far as I remember. This prevent rogue app tricking you by putting overlay so you will give unnecessary permission to the rogue app. See here for more detail : https://www.xda-developers.com/cloak-an ... he-system/
Some banking app or app with flag secure might also disable the overlay.

In order to use the INFO and GESTURE at the setting, you have to use action Show Control UI Infos. You can put some delay before going to the protected setting window. Or you can use Quicksetting tile to trigger it. One of the reason I create my CUI flow is to overcome this restriction. I put my CUI menu to the smartbar navigation bar, so I can trigger it anywhere without using the floating overlay anymore. Creating and testing CUI script is way much easier than before.
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