Action - HTTP Request work not correct

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Action - HTTP Request work not correct

Post by KVN » 10 Feb 2020 13:23

1. I read Description this action on Help read Here "The action terminates with a status_code of -1 for general errors . It will terminate with an error when not even a connection to the server can be established (network not available, IP can not be resolved etc.). Use an Exception-connection to handle such errors."

2. I test status_code -1 two way

The firts way is - do the domain does not exist for example the flow result me Null

The second way - do off wi-fi, off mobile internet, the flow reault me Null

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Re: Action - HTTP Request work not correct

Post by Desmanto » 11 Feb 2020 18:49

I usually just handle any error by outputting some simple error message, never try to get the status_code. As I understand, the status_code only have value if the http request is connected properly to the url, but return any kind of the error. Example 404, 403 or 200 in the OK situation. It seems general error refer to any other error that is not handled by the server.
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