One Click Navigate to Next GCal Event

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One Click Navigate to Next GCal Event

Post by HRArc » 04 Dec 2019 03:50

I sometimes need to stay on top of travelling time from wherever I am to my next destination and figured it'd be easier to set up a flow to copy and past the event location into Google Maps automatically for me.

Basic overview of flow:
  1. Activate shortcut/trigger (that is linked to a shortcut on my home screen)
  2. Read "Personal" Calendar for an event that is active or starting between now until +1 day
  3. Copy only locations of calendar events that are not null (filled it)
  4. Check if anything copied
  5. If only one event, open GMaps and copy into Choose Destination field (I have all my other presets such as transportation mode preferences all set up there already anyways)
  6. If more than one event fills criteria, generate a pop-up dialogue with multiple choice for us to manually select which address to navigate to
  7. If no events fill criteria, check if either at home or at the office. If at home, navigate to the office. If at the office, navigate home.
  8. If at neither home or office, or no address selected at step 5, open Google Maps normally.
I'm still playing around with how I want to reorder where along the flow the filters checking where I am and events, but it should serve as a decent launching point for you to do something similar to that effect.

Would love to hear your feedback!

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Re: One Click Navigate to Next GCal Event

Post by Desmanto » 04 Dec 2019 17:39

Do you forget to attach your flow? Or maybe you want to hear some suggestion first before posting the flow?

Looking the overview of the flow, it is good already. The only thing is you need to make sure your calendar event have the location or the exact coordinate to make it easier.
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