Ringer mode trigger on Andoid 10 issue

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Ringer mode trigger on Andoid 10 issue

Post by m4gzus » 30 Nov 2019 13:31

I got an issue with flow that is triggered with Ringer mode trigger on Android 10 (and 9th also).
If the flow starts with any Ringer Mode trigger in Android 10 the Automagic stops execution and switchs off that flow with message "Interrupting and disabling flow".
In the log file I have next lines
30.11.2019 15:10:33.021 [Manual ringer mode] Emergency stop count reached, disabling flow and current flow execution
30.11.2019 15:10:33.055 [Manual ringer mode] Emergency stop reached, stopping flow execution
Even if set emergency stop limit over 60 actions (e.g. 600 or more), this stop occurs anyway.
Usualy issue reproduces when the ringer mode is changed manually from notiofication area.
Flow execution policy in this case is set to "Wait until the current executing instance has finished".
A little bit helps policy "Skip execution when an instance is already executing", but anyway this issue occurs.
If it may help I got this issue on Xiami 9T Pro with Android 10.

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Re: Ringer mode trigger on Andoid 10 issue

Post by Desmanto » 01 Dec 2019 18:31

Using Skip should have prevent the multiple triggers. Try to add at least 500ms sleep at the end of the flow.
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