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Request sensor data

Post by jassing » 09 Nov 2019 01:58

I was using device orientation, but find I would be better suited to trigger on an accelerometer threshold. But, I don't see any trigger or conditions on sensor data...

Another I ran into, I wish there was a proximity se sor access... I think having raw sensor data access, as well as triggers on sensors would be useful.

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Re: Request sensor data

Post by Desmanto » 10 Nov 2019 18:13

I think the better solution is to have trigger that allow us to record the gesture, which is more useful than reading raw sensor. Tasker has the method to record the gesture, but as I ever tested, not so accurate in my old devices. (never test it again at current phone).

To get the raw data of the x, y, z orientation, use action init variables device orientation. You will get the azimuth, pitch and roll. To get continuous data, you have to use loop sleep and show it on widget or notification on screen. The fastest you can get is 2 data persecond (using widget).

There are trigger and condition Proximity sensor, including the raw data it has. Of course the raw data vary depends on the hardware. At mine, it is only 0 and 5 cm.
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