text matching is not triggered

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Micky Micky
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Re: text matching is not triggered

Post by Micky Micky » 05 Jun 2020 21:41

Thank you Martin.

"Maybe Samsung classified the text as "Secure" which means that another application like Automagic can not detect the text at all."

I could never understand why. Now I do.

Many thanks

Crude but it works.

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Re: text matching is not triggered

Post by vertigo » 27 Jun 2020 20:32

Some more info for this. I made another flow to run when Android opens a window that an app isn't responding, to automatically click "Send feedback" then "SEND" and that works perfectly. So for that one, the "contains text" works as expected, and it works as "window opened" and not "window open," unlike in the flow to overwrite on import, where the text doesn't work right and it seems to trigger when a window is open at all, not just when it opens ("window opened" vs "window open"). So the trigger seems inconsistent, and the text issue does as well, with it only seeing a word or two of text from some windows (and seemingly the title text) and all the text in others (where it sees the actual text, not the title.

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Re: text matching is not triggered

Post by Desmanto » 05 Jul 2020 15:47

I see some inconsistency in some app. Example, I am using Grab, for Grab Food. getTextInActiveWindow() can retrieve all the text, the food cost, delivery fee, but not the promo code or the calculation for the promo discount. Using CUI info, also can't select that particular element text. So there are some element ID seems to be protected or hidden from accessibility.

I suspect that Automagic import flow dialog also be the same, it is hidden from the windows opened. Maybe Martin need to make it as an event or maybe allow accessibility for that dialog. But for other app, I don't know how to get the text (in my example, the Promo code). I am still trying.
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