Android Wear Multiple Request

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Android Wear Multiple Request

Post by Desmanto » 10 Aug 2019 17:32

Hi Martin,

These requests mostly focus on Android Wear. I have discovered how powerful Automagic when combined with Wear OS. There are a lot of things that we can improve.
Before the request, I have shared a long list on what I have done using Automagic with the Wear OS in xda : ... c-t3956264
Hopes that thread helps to promote Automagic in indirect way too.
Reading it first will lead to the conclusion why I request the features below.

I apologize in advance if below requests are so long and way too many. But I think it is better to gather them in single thread, rather than spamming the forum with multiple threads.

1. App dan shortcut
First, I want to request the Android Wear Equivalent action for these action.
a. Launch App (Android Wear)
b. Launch Shortcut (Android Wear)
This so we can create shortcut to the favourite app we need in the watch. If we have this, then I can start the tinycam directly when using the remote video stream flow.

2. Dialog box group
Next is about dialog box
a. Input Dialog (Android Wear)
Input Dialog doesn't need to be as powerful as the one in the phone. It can be use to input text too, or typing password/pin/number (although very limited using keyboard in the watch). But I usually use the single choice - menu input dialog and in such a small screen, this is the best choice. With scrolling list to choose either single or multiple. It is even better to have the column splitting (similar to my other input dialog column request), up to 3 columns for watch is enough.

b. Message Dialog (Android Wear)
Message Dialog is similar to toast, but we need to tap OK to close it. While we can use notification on statusbar too, but Message dialog is more direct.

c. Confirmation Dialog (Android Wear)
Confirmation Dialog is the same, requiring immediate prompt.

3. Media group
a. Start Recording Audio (Android Wear)
b. Stop Recording Audio (Android Wear)
c. Take Screenshot (Android Wear)
Prefer to save the file in the phone storage, not in the watch storage.

d. Speech Output (Android Wear)
e. Stop Action Speech Output
f. Sound (Android Wear)
g. Seek Action Sound
h. Stop Action Sound
These only works for Smartwatch with speaker, such as mine, Tichwatch E. Usage case is from : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8051

4. Additional for WearOS specific feature
a. Init Variable Google Fit data (wear)
This is to retrieve steps and heart rate from google fit. So I can create reminder that I haven't reached my goal yet, without having to use launch app to open Google Fit and use Control UI to get the data.
b. Set Theather mode
to automatically set the theater mode at certain occassion.
c. Check Heart rate
So we can get heart rate from time to time. Don't know if Google Fit open up this API.

5. Modification to existing feature to support WearOS
a. Notification on Statusbar
Add option to use Android Wear only (the counterpart of Local Only). So we can create notification that only show up in Android Wear, but not at phone. At my note viewer and language learning flow, when the text is too long, I long press the widget to pop it up to notification. But the same notification appear on the phone. So If I can make it only appear at the watch, it won't clutter my phone notification. (since the text is very long).

6. WearOS Shortcut Layout
Give option to change Automagic Shortcut layout to 3x3 tile menu scrolling down style (or 4x4 up to 5x5 if possible), instead of single column scrolling down the menu style. Let us choose different icon for each tile too, along with option to show labels, or to include it inside the icon (can be circle, squircle or square). This can be just like a predefined widget with buttons. There will be extra menu in Automagic phone app to change the icon size, icon grid count, and customize each shortcut. Example name : Wearable Settings at the hamburger menu. The shortcut numbering is starting from 0 to 8 (for 3x3 layout). So 0 is at 0,0 ; 1 at 0,1 ; 2 at 0,2 ; 3 at 1,0 and so on. Numbered this way, so we only single dimension list from 0 to 8, instead having to deal with 2 dimension x,y such as in widget.

The 3x3 version can be seen from my thread in xda.

While 4x4 can appeared like this.
Wear Shortcut 4x4.png
Wear Shortcut 4x4.png (107.62 KiB) Viewed 5158 times
7. Tile support for the right menu
Since June 2019, WearOS app already support tile at the right swipe menu. ... s-feature/
Google Fit has multiple available tiles : Goals, Heart Rate and Heart Points. I wish Automagic has at least 3 tiles too (more is better, up to 9) and can be customizeable.
WearOS Tile.png
WearOS Tile.png (88.18 KiB) Viewed 5158 times
a. tile for 3x3 Shortcut (same as WearOS layout above, the function can be combined)
b. tile for Widgets shown
c. another tile for scrolling text.
The scrolling text can be used as notes to view, or it is better if we can have checked list format too. (but I prefer full scrolling notes instead). It is used for my note viewer flow or my language learning flow, since both can have a very long text.

The different for widget and scrolling text is we can use widget feature just like widget in home screen. So we can design elements with buttons to click, double click and long click. But no swipe, since we are going to use in tile. (using Show Widget Overlay still can swipe though, only in tile it can't swipe). While scrolling text is used to show text, long text (and probably image if it is possible). There will be buttons at the end to close or do some command (just like notification). So there is : Yes, No and Cancel.

8. Action Show Tile (Android Wear)
Use this to show the tile we have customize. Can be used to show widget or the scrolling notes. So maybe we customize the shortcut, tap at icon 3 and it will change the scrolling text to note 3, and then flow continue to show tile scrolling notes. This is only after we have support for the tile in point 7.

9. Gesture sensor/Shake/Device Orientation
I wonder if this is possible to get the full sensor stream and act upon it. This is so I can use certain hand gesture, exp : flipping my hand 2 second then turn it up, will trigger certain flow. Raising hand up then put to the front, will trigger sound. I have thought about this for a long time, since 2014, when I am still using tasker. I just don't know the possibility of hardware at that time. Now I know exactly it can be done, as Note 10 has show us that the bluetooth stylus with gyroscope can be use the air gesture gimmick : By using the gyroscope from the watch, I can hold any pen (or wand), and can perform the same magic!

If this is going to be implemented, I only require the sensor recording. It is similar to tasker gesture recording too. So pressing start recording, will record the gyroscope and accelerometer value. Stop, then use it as trigger. There is adjustment or setting tolerance level before it mistrigger. When I repeat the same gesture, the flow will be triggered. Of course this require sensor value stream from the watch and will drain more battery for both watch and phone. So I definitely will only enable it when I need to show off. :D

10. Special Trigger Periodic Timer/Time
which will have special action turn on airplane mode/disconnect from the phone, and then turn off airplane mode/reconnect after certain time. The reason for this is to save some battery during sleep. If I sleep at 00:00, and the phone is connected all the time, with connected state it will consume about 4%/hour, which takes about 28% after wake up at 07:00. With disconnected state, it only use 2.5%/hour, total about 17.5%, which has 10% difference. This flow should be synced and kept at the watch, as when it is disconnected from the phone, WearOS can't query or do anything, except this trigger/action only.

11. Add Write secure permission for Automagic companion App
So we can use set System setting to change the Global and Secure database.

This is the end of my multiple request.
If there is anything above that Automagic can do already, please tell me, so I can scratch out from the list. If there is any request that just too difficult to do or sounds absurd, just ignore it. :)

Thank & Regards,
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Re: Android Wear Multiple Request

Post by Snify » 02 Sep 2019 11:33

I am so up for this.
AutoWear (I am sorry to mention) has a lot to offer at the moment but I combined it with Automagic of course. Wear OS has a lot of potential and it is incredibly productive and fun to automate a watch. Looking forward to see some improvements on this :) Keep it up !

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