Notification On Status Bar Displayed trigger - ignore dup?

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Notification On Status Bar Displayed trigger - ignore dup?

Post by Wibbly » 02 Nov 2018 11:00

Would be good to have an 'Ignore duplicates' check box.

Some apps repeatably (and rapidly) re-notify with some content set the same. I only want the trigger to fire if the result of a configured Filter has changed since the last time the trigger was fired.

So today for example, I have a Filter for Content Title and matches regex set (to reduce the need to check the content of the notification after the trigger fired, and prevent the trigger firing more than needed), and I'm looking for an extra "Ignore duplicates" check box option to prevent the trigger firing if the result of the Filter is the same as the last time the result was matched and the trigger fired. I think this is different from the existing Ignore... Options which filter out whole classes/types of notification

I do this today in my flow by updating and then checking a global variable set to the filtered notification content the last time the trigger was fired, but it might be more efficient if it was built into the trigger so the flow doesn't have to run to do the check (and frequently abandon the rest of the flow) every time there's a duplicate notification that matches the Filter.