"flow enabled/disabled" trigger

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"flow enabled/disabled" trigger

Post by lojzik » 13 Sep 2018 20:19

this trigger can be used for some init or clean up if flow is enabled or disabled (global variables, enabling or disabling related flows etc)

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Re: "flow enabled/disabled" trigger

Post by Pepy » 18 Jul 2019 01:07

I hope this is already on your To-Do list Martin :D
For example, I could have a main flow for screen recording that enables subflows such as Show Touch Inputs or Stop When Screen is Turned Off when a notification on status bar with specific text is detected using RegEx. In this case, I would want to have some of these flows triggered immediately after it has been enabled depending on what they do.

Another example is a Set-Up flow. This could be useful if you import/replace flows from time to time, such as on other devices when they've been updated. Since these flows are disabled by default, a flow could be made to enable them. The moment you enable that flow manually, it'll trigger and enable the imported flows.

Flow State: Disabled trigger could probably be useful for error-handling, perhaps or to reverse the effects of a flow (though the problem is, I'm not sure if it even is possible to execute a disabled flow).

If you were to include Set Flow State: Enabled and Execute Flows in a flow at any time, this trigger could also be useful for you in some cases as you won't need to write out the flows or RegEx pattern for the flows these actions should affect.
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