Is this plug compatible with automagic?

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Is this plug compatible with automagic?

Post by evebrea » 02 May 2019 13:11 ... ay&sr=8-55

I have a smartbulb that turns off and on thanks to automagic but i want to plug a different light that i can't just use a bulb on ( a custom string of lights) into this and have automagic be able to turn it on. I was hoping since it was cheap that it would work

if not, how about this? ... /295288889

if.. neither of those, can someone suggest a cheap one that WILL? :D preferably not from china, i don't like 2-month long delivery time

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Re: Is this plug compatible with automagic?

Post by Desmanto » 02 May 2019 17:02

Wifi smart plug? I only know sonoff, with custom firmware installed. Still need some tinkering. I have bought a pair from last year, and I haven't even put custom firmware on it (despite having all the instruction and tools ready :D ) Maybe this post will make me start looking at it again.

I don't know about your place, but just be sure don't buy some unknown brand. It will be usually instant regret. I recommend you to google the plug you want to buy and add keyword "tasker plugin". From the search, both of the link you have above still don't have the plugin support yet.
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Re: Is this plug compatible with automagic?

Post by ariloc » 02 May 2019 23:10

If you want to know, you can look in Google for any tcp or any similar command you can send to the device. If not you may find people in forums talking about that. I know of the Xiaomi one. In fact, I have three similar to the one you link to. Those ones aren't compatible with any IoT enviroment officially except Google Home, neither is easy to communicate with those locally, because as far as I investigated, you need a token of some sorts to do that. I also have Sonoff switch, and as @Desmanto mentioned, you won't be able to communicate directly unless you install a custom firmware on them. Natively they are almost impossible to communicate with. Something that you can try to make most popular IoT products compatible with HTTP requests if I remember correctly, is to setup a device like an old PC or a Raspberry Pi with OpenHAB or Home Assistant on it, which are ondeof the best tools for local automation as they are very versatile and can connect to almost anything. For example, my Xiaomi plugs work with it (wasn't able to do with the Sonoff, but you can still control them somehow with maybe a workaround using IFTTT as I do, a combo with AM, HTTP Request and Webhooks, and that applies to every IFTTT compatible device). Though, they aren't that easy to get everything correctly with these, so look for what's best suitable to you.

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