Max Volume when headphones plugged in (with condition)

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Max Volume when headphones plugged in (with condition)

Post by aklimatize » 07 Oct 2018 03:42

I created this flow because I often listen to music in my car while driving; I plug in a headphone cord that is attached to a FM transmitter that plays through my car radio. I found the need to constantly turn up the volume to maximum, and oftentimes encountering the "High Volume Warning" dialog as a result. The two flows shared are "Headphones max audio" and "Safe volume warning click ok".

Headphones max audio:
When any cord is plugged into the headphone jack, a dialog box will appear asking if volume should be turned up to maximum. If "yes" is pushed, the media volume is set to maximum; if the high volume warning dialog appears, the other flow is triggered, and the "OK" button is pressed (credit for this one goes to viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7005), effectively making the dialog box disappear, and setting the volume to maximum. If "no" is pushed on the dialog box, the media volume is set to a safe level (I used level 5); if we are actually plugging in headphones, we don't want to damage our ears with maximum volume.

Safe volume warning click ok:
This flow is triggered whenever the high volume warning dialog box comes up (as explained above). This flow is included as a way to allow us to bypass this warning dialog box. If you would like this warning to not be disabled when it pops up, then just disable this flow, and the Headphones max audio flow will still work fine.

Hope you all find this useful, this is one of my first attempts at using Automagic, but I have done a little shell scripting and perl scripting in the past, so it came pretty naturally. I'm looking forward to sharing and trying other flows as well.

Link to flows: ... 278e3b1c9e

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