Automagic seems fine under Android 11

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Automagic seems fine under Android 11

Post by guuzendesu » 04 Apr 2021 11:07

I read some horror stories in the "Will Android 11 break Automagic?" post. As far as I can tell with my somewhat limited testing, those horror stories were one-offs, or perhaps brand/carrier specific.

I got a new S7 tablet with Android 11, and most Automagic functionality is still fine, aside from what is no doubt crippled in other standard automation apps as well, such as screen recording and such.

The widgets seem fine, clipboard works, there are even a few features that Play Store apps had to abandon to stay in the store (Add and Remove WiFi Access Point, at least).

So don't let the new Android scare you away just yet. I plan to use it until it won't start at all, I'll just have Automagic trigger crippled functions in MacroDroid when the time comes. Of course if the Automate devs wake up and fix their clunky interface, I'll gladly switch to that, as it's quite powerful. But so far it's a nightmare to use, in comparison.

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