What is the best smartphone for Automagic?

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What is the best smartphone for Automagic?

Post by RainAir » 05 Oct 2020 17:25

Hello community!

I'm new here and would like to use your experience on the best compatible smartphones for Automagic. I mainly want to use the proximity sensor and GPS, but also all other triggers. My first test with a HUAWEI Y360 (Android 4.4.x) did not go very well. Since the cell phone is old and slow, I would like to experiment with another one. That should, of course, work well with Automagic. What can you recommend?

Thanks for reading and best regards.

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Re: What is the best smartphone for Automagic?

Post by Wibbly » 05 Oct 2020 17:56

Depends what you want Automagic to do for you. I use an old repurposed Nexus 4 as a 'home automation' server that switches lights on and off, is a FTP server (outside of Automagic) for my IP cameras etc . Not an onerous application of Automagic, and works well. The phone does nothing else though :-)

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Re: What is the best smartphone for Automagic?

Post by Philip » 07 Oct 2020 16:04

I hate to say this, but as development of Automagic has ceased, you might be better trying to use Tasker or something similar.

If you are going to climb the learning curve of a new automation product, then it may make more sense to do so with one which is actively being developed.

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Re: What is the best smartphone for Automagic?

Post by Micky Micky » 09 Oct 2020 19:19


I used a Samsung S6 for 4 years and rooted it when I changed to a S10.
The S6 worked well with Automagic.
The S10 lost the proximity sensor. It's kind of there but not. Automagic can't access it.

As Philip said, Automagic is discontinued now. Although it's fine upto Android 10. Many of us are waiting to see how it works with Android 11.

It's still a great app.

Hope this helps

Crude but it works.

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