Hello and "Looking for making AM Llama Alike"

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Hello and "Looking for making AM Llama Alike"

Post by johan » 09 Apr 2019 23:31


my name is Peter Sulzer and I have until now used Llama. Unfortunately Llama seems to be unusable since Oreo (Android 8.0). So I have to go the hard step to another profile manager (I've used my first profile manager on Symbian - the best mobile operating system ever, Microkernel, Realtime, much better Multitasking than Android, and written in pure and much faster C++ from scratch). I've tried a lot, first of course Tasker (horrible), MacroDroid, PhoneProfiles (or so, don't know the exact name), then I came to Automagic, cause I read a great criticism in a web article.

Well it was the first one, which seems to be intuitive. BUT: It's much more complicated to automate easy things like: If any calendar even t has a title with (profile silent!) in it then switch to Profile Silent and the reverse: If no calendar event has a title with (profile silent!) switch to Profile Normal.

Llama has predefined Profiles (in German): Normal, Laut, Lautlos, Leise (Normal, Loud, Silent, Muted) and you can define your own profiles (e.g. Silent without Vibra). This together with a lot of other goodies made it extremely easy, to define new "tasks", even for DAUs (I'm not a DAU, I'm a Software Engineer).

Of course AM is much more powerful and capable than Llama, but it takes much more time, to automate your Mobile. With Llama it normally took me half an hour to implement my most important macros, with AM it took me a few hours to implement just a Flow which sets my "Normal Profile" (I can just start it manually :- ( ). Well I then made a new flow, starting with a Trigger (something with Tile) with the action (sorry German) "Lautstärke wiederherstellen", but I cannot find a Tile to trigger (start) it - what is this?

Well, what AM should have are the most important profiles (see above), it should have a Tab "Last Areas" (Letzte Gebiete) which shows the last mobile cells, so that one can adjust them to home, work, ...

Well the software developers should have a look at Llama (perhaps on an older phone), how easy it is to automate a mobile, even for non programmers.

Thank you for reading


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Re: Hello and "Looking for making AM Llama Alike"

Post by Desmanto » 10 Apr 2019 06:49

Hi Peter,

Probably this is the reason other automation app still popular. Automagic is at the same complexity level with tasker, but with much better UI dan flow design style. I used to be tasker user, so I found Automagic way much easier.

Automagic gives you access to the more basic function, so you have to combine them to create a set of function. But we have some flows have been shared by other, maybe you can browse flow sharing to see if there is any flow which suit your usage case. You can also check my index, there are some discussion also about the profile using calendar.

Changing profiles has been evolved in each android version. I forgot since when, but after oreo, to make it completely silent, you have to utilize both DND and ringer mode (probably that's why llama not working anymore). I made a quick tile toggle this too, to set the DND on and ringer to vibrate; and vice versa, DND off and ringer to normal. Quick tile can be added at the quick setting at your phone. Automagic reserve 5 quick tiles those can be used.

To get location, you have to use related element, example Trigger location or Action Init Variable Location. In your case, it should be Trigger Location. Then link this trigger to the set of action to change the DND and ringer mode.

Using Automagic will require you to adapt to the new way of thinking. This is very difficult at the beginning, as I experinced too when moving from tasker. But just after a week, I get used to it already and has been recreated most of my tasker profile/task much faster than before. To create the profile DND and vibrate above, it took less than 5 minutes (can be less, but I integrate it with other stuff too). But yeah, maybe we can have more example flow which provides some general usage case such as this profiles switching and other generic automation.
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Re: Hello and "Looking for making AM Llama Alike"

Post by swara31 » 12 Apr 2019 11:47

Good thread..!!

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Re: Hello and "Looking for making AM Llama Alike"

Post by sirlaacher » 20 Apr 2019 01:48

I feel like too. Use Symbian was well... like you say.
I am also new here and only use xposed edge from category like that (it's really pro and faast but its really must work like a module? . Now i have learn almost all but this is all fun i think :D Try use them both! :D

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