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Upgrading test to full version

Posted: 26 Mar 2019 11:47
by lm089
Currently running the time limited free test version and am considering a major investment, i.e. upgrade to the full version.

Is it save to install over my current setup, or will I have to configure everything from scratch? Do I probably even have to uninstall the apk first?

Re: Upgrading test to full version

Posted: 26 Mar 2019 17:35
by Desmanto
Just copy your Automagic folder somewhere else as backup. By default it is at /storage/emulated/0/Automagic. You can uninstall the evaluation version and purchase directly from playstore. Playstore version should immediately recognize the evaluation folder data and load everything as what you have before. (uninstalling won't remove Automagic folder at the internal storage). In case, something happen and it won't recognize it, you can copy back the Automagic folder you have backed up before and it should recognize just fine.

But somehow, for some phone and depends on the permission you have setup, there are quite some tasks you have to do before and after.
- Make sure you have disable device admin for Automagic before uninstalling the evaluation version
- After reinstall to full version, grant every necessary permission for Automagic.
- If you are using LineageOS based ROM, 15.1 above (16 included), make sure you have whitelist Automagic from the privacy guard, or you can't save your flow later.
- Enabling accessibility, whitelist from battery optimization, grant app usage access, allow display over other app, modify system setting and many other permission needed.

in short, you won't lost any configuration even on uninstall-install, as long as you keep your Automagic folder safe.

Re: Upgrading test to full version

Posted: 27 Mar 2019 00:00
by lm089
Perfect, worked nicely! Thanks