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Re: Random wallpaper

Post by Vicdilou » 03 Nov 2018 18:59

I execute the script more than 30 times but I don't see somes wallpapers and other twice.
But if you don't know why it doesn't matter, the script run everyday so I'll forget if I see a wallpaper 15 or 5 days ago

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Re: Random wallpaper

Post by Desmanto » 04 Nov 2018 15:14

The only way to find out is to log the wallpaper set. Create another global_wallpaper_log as list type. Then add one line at the end of the script.

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addElement(global_wallpaper_log, newList(triggertime, random_wallpaper));
Later, you can check when it change and what wallpaper it has set. You can then see if the wallpaper appear twice/none in the last 15 executions.

But if you are good with current one, then just leave it as now.
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