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Widget Multiple Instance

Posted: 06 Oct 2018 03:39
Hi -,

I'm playing with the widgets. I am at the situation where I need to display a dynamic menu. So I created a widget template and attempted to display the widget in multiple location in my screen. The problem is only the last item were displayed. Is this the expected behavior?

How can I display the same widget at multiple location in my screen?


Re: Widget Multiple Instance

Posted: 06 Oct 2018 05:24
by Desmanto
You can show unlimited widget at the same time, even when using the same widget. Just use additional show widget action with different overlay name. Each overlay is a separate element and can refer to the same widget. The last widget shown will be placed on top of the previous shown widget.

If you need dynamic menu, it is too painful to build widget for it. It is also slower and takes more actions to make it useful. Except if you need non-intrusive prompt, it is better to use Action Input Dialog to pick menu/choices. I used to built some scene too in tasker, but always very lazy to custom the interface one by one. Using input dialog, I only need to provide a list with the choices. You can make list, even dynamic nested list for the choices.

Re: Widget Multiple Instance

Posted: 07 Oct 2018 02:39
I figured that out. I did not try it, but thank you very much for confirming. I also figured out about the input dialog.

I appreciate you prompt responses. You are very helpful.

In tasker, I did not try the "scene" feature there. I think, it defeats my purpose in buying tasker, which is on the fly simple automation. Turned out, using tasker is not so simple. I still use tasker on the my automations I havent converted to Automagic yet. But eventually, I will be able to convert all my tasker profile to Automagic, specially when the next version is out.

Re: Widget Multiple Instance

Posted: 07 Oct 2018 12:54
by Desmanto
I prefer the more aggresive way to convert, burn the bridge. At that time, I list all my profile/tasks and rate them based on the priority. Then I simply turn off tasker and started to convert them (not really burn the bridge, as I can still turn it on). It took 3 days to convert 75% of them (about 30+), which is quite fast; 1 week to convert most of them.

Tasker is great, especially if you want to go further until create a full functioning app. But we are the same, that defeat the purpose of simple automation. We use the app to do automation, not to create app. Hence, even though Automagic can't create new apk or complex scene, it is more suitable for me (and other who prefer automation instead of building apk).