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Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 26 Mar 2018 22:26
by Scott
Maybe a stupid question, but does everyone just create and edit flows on their actual phones or tablets? I have only a couple Android phones and a shitty Kindle Fire HD.

I hate editing flows on the tiny screen. I realize I can use a VM and run Android on a larger screen and with a keyboard and mouse, but testing would be a hassle that way.

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 27 Mar 2018 02:06
by Desmanto
Yep, that's what I do mostly. But sometimes I type my script in notepad (really, I fix the missing symbol later at phone) and use scan qr or HTTP request trigger (if connected to same wifi) to send it to my phone. I found developing at phone is more productive. Creating flow in PC always tempting me to do other things, and in the end I am doing something else :D

But you can always install Bliss in virtualbox, which is what I do. Give it the internet connection needed. If your phone and the PC is on the same network, it is easier now. You can create a flow to export the flow you have created in Bliss, and send it to your phone HTTP request. Automagically react to the flows.xml and delete the corresponding flow (old flow) and import the new one from the PC. You can do it vice versa, so it is just like syncing the flow between phone and the Bliss in virtualbox.

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 04 Apr 2018 18:37
by canadaDry
Like Desmanto i've installed an Android vm (via qemu on my linux machine - but it'll work under vmware on a PC just fine too) installed Automagic (and any other apks I need). I do most of my script development and testing there.

When I need some quick fixes I use a blue tooth keyboard to tweak scripts on my phone.

The flow editor is so much better than tasker IMHO!

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 04 Apr 2018 22:09
by digitalstone
Desmanto wrote:But sometimes I type my script in notepad (really, I fix the missing symbol later at phone) and use scan qr or HTTP request trigger (if connected to same wifi) to send it to my phone.
I am very sure that i'm not following you here... and that it's very interesting.
Can you explain very slow-and-dumb to me what you're doing with the http request trigger and/or the scan qr through your network please?

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 05 Apr 2018 06:19
by Desmanto
Essentially you are editing in another device emulator in the PC.
- Install Virtualbox
- Install Bliss oreo iso (follow the thread instruction)
- Login and setup as you do with new phone
- Configure the virtualbox network and let it passthru/can see the main phone IP (either as NAT/Bridged)
- Install Automagic in the Bliss
- Design and create al the flow in Bliss
- After finish, use Action send flow and export it as XML
- Start Automagic HTTP request trigger flow in the main, make sure it is visible to the virtual box (need to configure firewall if you have)
- Use action HTTP request to upload the exported xml to the main phone IP.
- Main phone triggered, parse the xml and find the flow name imported using regex.
- Main phone delete the detected flow name and then import the xml

Phew, that was long and not included the tiny devil setting you need to google out till you can. You only to setup the virtualbox and bliss once though, but still a lot of hassle, even for me. I only set it up because I need to test the oreo feature.

QR code is easy. Simply type all the text you want, copy paste it to qrcode creator, such as Zint Barcode Generator. But I use Eventghost (Can be called as the Automagic for Windows) to create the QR. Use automagic Scan Barcode action to scan it and copy it to clipboard. This is because my PC are not allowed to connect to the same network as my phone. If at home, I simply use the same HTTP request trigger, use eventghost to send http request and send the clipboard over to the network. I use the similar to send the clipboard back to the PC.

But, forget about those above. I found a better solution for most user. Just mirror your screen to your PC. You only need to install adb driver for your phone and the binary (included) and maybe setup it as system-wide (configure th path). You don't have to do it if you have setup it before. (I am sure most power user here already done it).

Then simply download scrcpy from github, article is on xda. Unpack, connect your phone to the pc via usb, until it is detected as the adb devices (enable the usb debugging). Double click scrcpy.exe, and done.

I found the method last month, but only use it starting this sunday, and have been using it till now. There are a lot of limitation compared to emulator, but at least it works fine and you have a full working Automagic in the real device. You can reduce the resolution and bitrate if the view is too lag. My phone is SD617 with Full HD resolution. For me, this works fine

Code: Select all

scrcpy -b 4M -m 1280
Setting the bitrate to 4 Mbps (default 8 Mbps) and resolution max 1280 (720x1280). YMMV. Try out your own setting. You can even watch video with slight framedrop if you want. Not additional app needed, only this scrcpy and the adb. Easily beat all other mirroring solution.

I am configuring the way to send the clipboard and file directly thru adb. It takes so many test. Basically using Automagic to extend the scrcpy function (maybe can be called mirrorception :D) such as the limited text copy, switching app, zooming and copying files. Try it out, if a lot found it useful, I might share my flow after finish. (takes a long time)

PS : I post this using scrcpy thru my phone :)

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 05 Apr 2018 16:37
by digitalstone
Thanks a bunch again Desmanto. Sounds really useful.
I thought this was going to be uncharted territory for me, but luckily i'm not unfamiliar with the better part.

Mirroring the monitor would be the best idea, although i'm now realizing that i've never thought about that before.
What kind of poweruser does that make me :?
Not even asking myself if that would be possible since i've not been experimenting for a couple of years.
I've used the adb before several times but i believe it was mainly used for rooting. Which only happens when necessary. So not too often.

This page is now bookmarked and i'm going to investigate further. Seems like a convenient time saver.

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 05 Apr 2018 16:45
by Scott
I have used [name of crap app deleted] in the past.

Thank you very much for the information.

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 05 Apr 2018 21:19
by Philip
I have a Samsung phone, and Samsung's SideSync software lets you mirror your handset to your PC - so you can use your PC's keyboard and mouse to create/edit flows. It works well enough for me.

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 05 Apr 2018 22:31
by Scott
I have a new Samsung as well. I think it will be my last. I'm not seeing a SideSync app usable on my Galaxy S9+. And the aforementioned [name of crap app deleted] software is not working for me either.

Re: Automagic Flow Editor?

Posted: 07 Apr 2018 13:32
by Desmanto
Just in case anyone get stuck while setting it up, xda has the video tutorial and the example how fast it is.

If you have a powerful flagship phone, you probably can even play games and stream to the PC realtime. My current phone still has a little framedrop. Hopefully my next phone will be powerful enough to stream it without drop anymore.