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Re: Geofencing

Post by teiji » 01 Dec 2018 22:47

Scott12 wrote:@hoods, it's a bit complicated, because I have half a dozen flows, plus others that they call, but I'll give a summary here of what I'm using currently (it's been simplified somewhat since my 1st post here). I have a Samsung SmartThings system at home, and I update my "presence" for that with this process. If you want more detail on the SmartThings steps, let me know & I'll flesh those out a bit more.
So the idea is, I consider myself home if EITHER my WiFi connects, OR I'm within 120m of home. I consider myself departed only when my WiFi is disconnected AND I'm more than 400m from home. I don't want my presence to bounce if my WiFi cuts out for a minute or my phone's GPS freaks out (which happens from time to time). I don't have this controlling access (door locks etc.) yet - when I get a connected lock (which is on my shopping list :D), I may have to adjust a bit.
Thanks for this. I've used your method for several days and it's very reliable.

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Re: Geofencing

Post by johnwhick348 » 20 Mar 2019 06:26

But I think Geofencing is a service that triggers an action when a device enters a set location

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