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auto reply sms issue

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 13:28
by bricex308
Hello everyone I am new and I already use very often this great application, the holidays of the end years approach and I wanted to do in the ease, I wanted to edit a flow that would allow me to automatically detect specific words in the texts received and auto reply, I explain:
I receive a text sms and if there is the word "three" OR "car" OR "gift", automatically respond by sms text a predefined text to sms sender...
But i've à prob with "Contains text" i don't how to write some different specific words in this field with an operator OR for example..
Have nice hollyday all and sorry for my english i'm not X)

Re: auto reply sms issue

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 14:51
by Martin

You could add multiple triggers to the flow so that one trigger executes the flow when the text contains "three" and another trigger executes the flow when the text contains "car".
This has the disadvantage that the flow gets executed multiple times when the SMS contains both keywords (You could mitigate this problem with menu->Flow Options: Skip execution...)

Alternatively you can add just one trigger SMS Received without any text restrictions and then use a condition Expression with a script like this:

Code: Select all

contains(sms_text, "three") OR contains(sms_text, "car") OR contains(sms_text, "gift")
... then attach the actions to the true-branch of the condition.


Re: auto reply sms issue

Posted: 30 Dec 2016 00:38
by bricex308
Ok I'll look into the subject see what I can do and I come back here if I need to deepen the problem