Suggestion: Pre-Packaged "Top Utilities"

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Suggestion: Pre-Packaged "Top Utilities"

Post by JoeSweeney » 26 Sep 2014 23:10

First up, let me say that I LOVE this little program. I've used Tasker and AutomateIT, but Automagic blows away those two tools, leaving only the gentle dust of digital demise.

However, I advised one of my workmates to install Automagic, but after a few days, he said he'd stopped messing with it as it 'did not really do much.' Further discussion led us to realize that what he was looking for was pre-made 'utilities' (flows / scripts / widgets) that provided him with functions normally found in other aps: eg. turn phone to mute during meetings (replace Mutomatic) , send SMS messages at specific times (replace SMS Scheduler), send romantic texts (various dodgy options), advanced car mode, read upcoming calendars, etc, etc. In summary, he wanted to be able to look down a list of common, useful applications, tick the ones he wanted, and have them automatically installed. THAT to him was the real potential value of this type of product.

While I love Automagic because of my coding and tweaking background, he dismissed it for that very same reason. I am certain he is not the only one.

AutomateIT provides these in a form of 'app store' built into the program. Although Automagic provides access to scripts from the forum, I suggest you personally curate a set of super-useful scripts AND widgets and provide access to these in a 'app store' like manner in the application. Of course, these scripts can be taken from those submitted on the forum, but it is ease of accessing and installing which is the important thing.

In short, make it so simple my Dad could use it, without having to think about coding, flows and scripts. :-)

Best regards & happy hacking!

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Re: Suggestion: Pre-Packaged "Top Utilities"

Post by MURTUMA » 27 Sep 2014 08:13

There is catalog full of examle flows in the menu. Also, have you checked flow sharing area on the forums? I believe that pretty much covers what you want already.

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Re: Suggestion: Pre-Packaged "Top Utilities"

Post by bichlepa » 03 Oct 2014 20:14

I don't think that Automagic will serve those people who do not want to create or tweak the flows. There are plenty of other apps for almost any purpose.
The strenth of AM is that it can replace many other apps and provide features that no other app can, but this requires making an tweaking own flows. For me the flows, that are presented in this forum, are ideas and templates.

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