Nexus 7 activating hotspot on Nexus 5

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Nexus 7 activating hotspot on Nexus 5

Post by Ghlave » 17 Jul 2014 03:40

Is there a way I can get my n7 to somehow talk to my n5 and activate the hotspot? They do not like talking to me each other via blue tooth. The few times I've gotten bluetooth to work, its been pretty flaky.

My n7 gets power when I turn my car on, so that's the basis of my triggers. I have expirmented using a flow to connect to either mine or my wife's phones for Bluetooth tethering, but I get exception errors if one of them isn't present.

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Re: Nexus 7 activating hotspot on Nexus 5

Post by Martin » 17 Jul 2014 19:10

You can also handle the exception in the flow if it's just the exception that's bothering you. To do this, add an additional action to the flow, something like Notification on Screen: bluetooth tethering failed, and connect the Connect Bluetooth Device action to this additional action, then select the connection, press edit and change the type to 'Exception'. The connection line should now be draw with a red dotted line which means that Automagic will execute the notification action only when the bluetooth action fails.

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