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Great application!

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 18:56
by bichlepa
I'm a fan of AutoHotkey, an scripting automation program for Windows. Unfortunately it is not avaliable for Android.
I have searched a long time for an automation app for android and found firstly Llama. It was quite good but was not good enough to do everything I want.
A few days ago I found Automagic and after a test I bought it and I've ported all rules from Llama to flows in Automagic which are much more intelligent! And I've created flows that were not possible with any other automation App in the market (I think). :D
Unfortunately it is not as useful as AutoHotkey yet but I believe it will become better and I hope that my feature requests will be considered.

Re: Great application!

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 21:23
by UnHappyManager
What kinda things do you use this app for :)

Re: Great application!

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 22:27
by bichlepa
The important things are:
- When I plug in my headphones, the media volume is set to level 4
- Same when connecting to a Bluetooth speaker - level 9
- When I am at high school, turn on Wlan and turn off the sound during lessons, set ssilent during breaks and turn loud when I leave school.
- When I come home, turn on Wlan. When connected to Wlan, say: "Hurra, wir sind zuhause!" (it's German).
- When I hear podcasts with headphones and disconnect them the music always stops (without Automagic). Now if I plug in it again (without having turned on the screen meanwhile) Automagic makes the podcatcher to start playing again. (complicated)
- When I turn on airplane mode, turn off the sounds.
- Tell me who is calling via TTS.
- Set every day a new short funny podcast as alarm sound.

- during commution play podcasts and make sure the last podcast ends when I reach the destination.

Re: Great application!

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 05:36
by abuHaafidz
Yeah, I too think it's the best automation app found in the market. Not that many people use it. I used to use the paid automateIT app but got fed up when I kept failing to do all sorts of complicated things. The worst part is that I don't get any replies from the devs or forums.

I'm not a genius in anything really, but you know, this app makes me feel like my brain is worth something after making a flow! Lol.

What aren't you able to automate with this app if I might ask?

Re: Great application!

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 08:35
by bichlepa
For example automatically set the screen brightness because the action "Set Screen Brightness" does not accept variables.
I've already posted some feature requests for this and some other issues.