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Post by steelersmb » 21 Oct 2013 21:31

How would you setup a default profile. An example is at night, if I turn off all my settings while at home and within a certain time. What happens when I leave my cell location or it's after this time? I would want the volumes to default to a set level. In Tasker, I have a default profile that runs all the time unless another profile is running then it disables the normal profile and reenables it on the exit task.


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Post by Martin » 22 Oct 2013 11:47


You could do something similar in Automagic and disable the flows you don't want to run at night:
-action Set Flow State: Disable <flow>, <flow2>
-action Set Flow State: Enable <flow>, <flow2>

Depending on the flows you could also use a condition to skip some actions:
-trigger ...
-condition Time Range: between 22:00 - 7:00
--> true: -the actions to execute at night
--> false: -the actions to execute during the day


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