Q: Toggle pattern lock on/off depending on connected wifi

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Q: Toggle pattern lock on/off depending on connected wifi

Post by anibal » 04 Oct 2013 17:07


I have a rooted Nexus 4 running Paranoid Android and I have been reviewing and testing automation options to toggle the pattern lock on/off based on the connection of a few "trusted" wifi networks. Example: When I connect to my house network (using the SSID because I have a couple of repeaters with different macs) turn off the lock screen so I don't have to keep drawing the pattern, but when I disconnect from the network I want the pattern lock to be set back.

I checked the available actions and it looks like it should be doable with something like-:

- Set Keyguard State
- Set Lock Pattern State
- Set Lock PIN/Password

But I was previously testing the equivalent solution in AutomateIt and it has a weird glitch there: If you turn the lock pattern off using AutomateIt it keeps requiring it when you tap in the notifications area. What's the expected behavior here?

I found a Tasker script that should do it but the Tasker UI is too harsh for my Taste.

So far Automagic looks like a nice balance between a clean UI and enough options to make if powerful.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Q: Toggle pattern lock on/off depending on connected wif

Post by Martin » 07 Oct 2013 18:41


Disabling the keyguard is one of the features that does not reliably work on many devices.
The action Set Keyguard State is the most official solution but does not work well on many devices. It is known to show the keyguard under some circumstances (for example when notifications are shown/hidden). The exact behaviour depends on ROM.
Action Set Lock Pattern State requires root and is not officially supported by Android so it might not work at all on your device. Action Set Lock PIN/Password can only change the PIN or password lock but will not allow to change the pattern lock.

The plugin Secure Settings is also a good option to test. It has many different ways and options to disable the keyguard and works with most automation tools.

We provide a free version of Automagic (limited to three flows but otherwise allows to use all actions):


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