I'm a complete Nube [how to guide?]

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I'm a complete Nube [how to guide?]

Post by DoKo » 29 Jun 2013 23:48

Hi Guys, I'm a complete newbie but very interested in using this software.
I don't have a background in programming so I'm a little puzzled about how expressions work and the inner workings of Automagic.

can someone please point me in the right direction for learning the basics so I can start using this?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: I'm a complete Nube [how to guide?]

Post by Martin » 30 Jun 2013 09:48


The website contains some explanations of Automagic in general:
Base Concepts

and a short tutorial to create a first flow (Step 5 uses a variable, basically a simple inline script):
Creating the First Flow

The help page of action Script contains the documentation of the scripting language:
Action Script

I recommend to create a new flow with an empty action Script and some simple logging statement to print some text to the log:

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log("Hello World");
-directly execute the script from the action screen using menu->Execute
-check the log to see the value written to the log (menu->Log). Part of the log should look something like:

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30.06.2013 11:30:00.000 [Manual Test] Start executing...
30.06.2013 11:30:00.000 [b]Hello World[/b]
30.06.2013 11:30:00.000 [Manual Test] End executing...
You can then start to use a variable or do some simple math expressions:

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The help page of action Script contains some more examples you can try.
The catalog (on the flow list: menu->Catalog) has a section Scripting with some example flows using scripting features (for example Countdown, Ringer Mode Switch, Random Wallpaper).


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