X, Y relative to Pattern

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X, Y relative to Pattern

Post by flipit » 15 Jun 2013 06:55

This may be obvious but I've not found it.
I need to evaluate the X, Y position from a click('Pattern') on a screen, so that I can calculate the X, Y position of a Checkbox (ischecked(x,y)) relative to it.
The issue I have is the pattern I'm looking for is in a list so it's position in the list moves.

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Re: X, Y relative to Pattern

Post by Martin » 15 Jun 2013 07:45


It is currently not possible to get the coordinates of an element by name. I will add a new function for this in the next update.
Not sure if this works in your case, but in some lists you can scrollForward or scrollBackward a few times until you reach the start/end of the list and then work with absolute coordinates.


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