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Proximity Sensor use with flipcase

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 16:36
by pd04856
Hello everybody,

I´m using a Galaxy Note II with a Samsung flipcase. I´d like to use the proximity sensor to switch off the display when the flipcase closes and covers the front side fully. Of course this should also work the other way round - when the cover is opened, the display should be turned on again.

Any ideas how to achieve that? I don´t seem to find an action that turns off the display. Also, it´s no use simply to respond to a proximity value of < 1 cm, for example.

Thank you!


Re: Proximity Sensor use with flipcase

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 17:40
by Martin
You can try to use action Lock Device which also turns off the screen on most devices (you have to enable the device admin in the preferences of Automagic).

Re: Proximity Sensor use with flipcase

Posted: 15 Oct 2013 03:58
by ZSasha

just created my own flow specially for that but only the first part - screen goes off and phone is blocked when the sensor senses something.
(4.17 KiB) Downloaded 374 times
(feel free to use it or modify as you want)

If we do that I believe it might be a battery issue because querying the proximity sensor (or any sensors) require a bit of energy.
Is it true indeed? I'm asking that because Tasker has special settings for working with sensors when the screen is on (phone is active) and off. It queries sensors much rarely when the screen is off.

Does automagic do the same or it queries sensors all the time despite screen being on or off?


Re: Proximity Sensor use with flipcase

Posted: 15 Oct 2013 18:05
by Martin

Automagic generally listens for sensor data when you are using a trigger that uses sensor data in an enabled flow. You can reduce battery strain by disabling a flow under certain conditions (for example when the display is turned off by using an action Set Flow State: Disable <flow>).
Actual power consumption of the sensors highly depends on device. It might be acceptable to use a proximity trigger on some phones but not on others.

Automagic will query sensor data only for a short amount of time when you are using a condition that uses sensor data. The condition will check the sensor exactly at the time the condition executes. The condition-method does not work on all devices since some devices only provide sensor data when the sensor detects a change. The condition will show a timeout error when Automagic does not receive sensor data within the defined amount of time.

You can use following pattern when you device properly supports a sensor-condition:
-trigger Periodic Timer: 1m
-condition Proximity<5cm
--> true: -action X
--> false: -action Y