Will Android 11 break Automagic?

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Re: Will Android 11 break Automagic?

Post by guuzendesu » 10 Apr 2021 06:53

Serum_114 wrote:
10 Apr 2021 02:17
guuzendesu wrote:
31 Mar 2021 12:02
Serum_114 wrote:
09 Sep 2020 12:05
Accesibily permission seems broken in general. So no control UI. Again, I've just started.
They're working fine. I've tested most of the triggers that I have access to or understand and they're all working. You may need to enable some stolen functionality with ADB but that's really kid stuff. I have yet to test most of the actions but I hope to get to it soon.
I guess you didn't keep reading where I discovered my phone was FUBAR and I was forced to do a full factory reset. That same phone has since been replaced under warranty.
Actually I had read it but I didn't realize you were the same person.

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