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Android 11 unable to turn on GPS

Posted: 06 May 2023 10:59
by valdimar
Automagic used probably from the beginning, makes my life much easier but recently something is happening.
I use the same actions on Xiaomi Mi6 (root) and recently after rooting POCO M4pro 4G I installed Automagic 1.37.0, after granting permissions all actions worked OK. I wanted to update Automagic to version 1.38 and after this update our application, i.e. AM, stopped turning on GPS, everything else works.
I cleaned and installed the option then installed the one that starts at the beginning, i.e. 1.37 and enabled all permissions by selecting the root option in the settings, still enabling everything except GPS.
Phone for POCO M4 PRO 4G (fleur), Android 11, Miui 13 I checked all the settings and permissions and I think it's OK. Can you help? Regards.