A request for help in completing the action

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A request for help in completing the action

Post by valdimar » 12 Apr 2021 18:10

Hello, I've been trying to create an action for some time where some applications run gps and data transmission and everything works as it should, however, in some applications, e.g. Google Maps, you need to go to the search engine for 40-60 seconds and when you turn off GPS and transmission data. My guess is that you need to set Sleep and check if, for example, the screen is on - if GPS is on and data transmission is to remain on, if GPS is off and data transmission is to remain on, so I have to use the True and False options, but how to do it? Can anyone help ? :roll:

I am still trying to create my own action, but unfortunately I have achieved only partial success. If I close the navigation application for a moment and open, for example, the Google search engine does not turn off mobile data, and after returning to navigation, I can use it normally, but when I decide to end its operation and lock the screen, my operation turns off GPS but mobile data is still on. Where am I making a mistake?
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