The End of Automagic

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Micky Micky
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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Micky Micky » 09 Aug 2020 19:15


Wishing you every happiness.
Thank you for my favourite app.

Crude but it works.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Justso_ » 10 Aug 2020 05:53

This is a bad messages !!!!
I hope Automagic will have a comeback.
Thank you.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by skiptannen » 10 Aug 2020 13:16


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into developing and maintaining Automagic. AM is why I have been on the Android platform for eight years and it's why I will never even consider switching away as long as AM continues to work.

I probably have thousands of hours into writing and enhancing dozens of flows and widgets. I use Automagic to almost completely control my Android experience and phone usage. The menu system I've created is used more than my launcher. Everything I log and track on a daily basis is done through Automagic. All of my Android system management is done through Automagic. Almost everything I've tweaked and learned about Android has been thanks to Automagic.

But probably the biggest benefit of all is how much enjoyment I've gotten from writing and editing flows and widgets in the Automagic framework. It's been challenging, and at times frustrating because I am not a coder or software kind of guy, but above all it's kept my brain active and engaged while enjoying the challenges and rewards. I never enjoyed doing any kind of coding or software work until I discovered Automagic. I've very much appreciated the stability and speed of of the app along with all of the enhancements that have been added over the years. So many elements of the app have made it just a complete joy to use - the overall design and cohesiveness of the screens and elements, the graphical flowchart type of interface, the text based scripting language with all the helpful hooks, logging and debugging. I can't imagine a more complete solution for building user facing utility and under the hood access to Android's inner workings. I honestly believe that I could not use my phone - and would not want to use my phone - without Automagic.

Another thing I've very much appreciated over the years is the active participation in the forums. I have received so much help from people that have answered my questions and from reading other people's questions and the answers they've received. I've also picked up so many ideas for new flows and ways to improve existing flows along with learning better ways to do some of the things I've kind of hacked at in the past. I've also picked up much from the flow sharing area of the forum. I still have a long way to go, and there are still things I can't quite get my head around, but the possibilities are almost endless.

I am also sad that development has ceased, but I am hopeful that Automagic will live on through this forum and the community that has built up around it. I rely on the help pages and the forum and the wisdom and helpfulness from Desmanto and so many other users. I am on almost every day and I would like to help keep it alive if there's any way I can do so.

Martin, I hope you'll want to stay involved and I hope you'll want to help keep this community going for a long time to come. You've built something quite incredible that many people love and rely on. Cheers mate, and thank you again. It's been a hell of a great ride.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by holymoz » 11 Aug 2020 21:00

Damn this is sad news.
I largely use am for everithing, shortcuts, scripts, cant imagine dont use it anymore.
Hope Martin rethink this decision

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by kenvega » 12 Aug 2020 02:22

This is very sad news :(

Thanks for the time developing this great app! It definitely makes my life easier in some ways.

Do you plan to keep this forum open? If not because of financial reasons, is there a possibility to donate so that the forum is still alive when you are not able to pay for it? (my guess is that you pay for hosting it somewhere) The community here is very open to help and there is also a lot of guides and ideas about the app that a lot of users could find useful at least for some time.

I hope your current situation gets better with time Martin. Thanks again!

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Rafi4 » 12 Aug 2020 04:12

Hi Martin
Thanks a lot for your creation and hard work for Automagic.
I have never think that is my device without Automagic ?
Answer is no.
We ( Automagic users ) hope that day will be come soon that Automagic will available in play store again.

From record4
No.1 Automation app in play store Automagic Premium
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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Snify » 12 Aug 2020 08:07

Sadly, I really can understand some of this...

At the end, it's all about the human and it's time, friends, family and existence itself.

Martin and his team dedicated their (life)time for us, to use Android in a new way we could all easily handle...

Automagic was not only software or a tool, but an easy way to open the world of Development to people who could not code and code in some way.

I saw the problem about it's cheap one time fee (premium), piracy and at the end about google being hard to keep compatible due to it's always changing APIs, interfaces, security, etc. But also the competition might have been a problem...

It's really not easy to keep everything compatible, even between different devices, Android Distributions and Versions.

But Automagic had all this to offer because it's a beautiful piece of software.
It's easy to understand architecture, stable features, support, just everything is exactly that, what made Automagic so awesome.

In this software I could really see the hard effort that was made and I am/was willing to even pay for this software monthly - to support the developer and it's user who had some interesting "requests".

I am not sad for Automagic.
I am sad for the developer and the team/supporters behind it, who made Automagic and kept it alive for so many others.

But thank you so much for that.
Thank you so much for the support, dedication, ideas, price and much more. This is to all the people who worked on this project.
I appreciate developers like you, with a sense for all of this.

Still, there is a future and market for Automagic and hopefully a great (maybe a new) way for the people behind it - whether it's development or some other branch in life.

I wish you the very best and hope you get to read this, and know, that you're all appreciated as developers and not just the product you made.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Yam » 12 Aug 2020 12:39

I won't let 2020 break me.
I won't let 2020 break me.
I won't let 2020 break me.
Every life altering decision you have made, has lead to you reading this.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by ApeTn » 12 Aug 2020 15:05

Thanks for everything.
I wish you all the best!

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by clive.pottinger » 12 Aug 2020 17:11

Thank you, Martin, for this incredible app and for all the work you put into it.

Automagic manages my work schedule, tracks my time, turns down my volume at the theatre and brings up my shopping app when I'm at the store. Automagic reads me the news as I walk to work. It has been an ineluctable part of my daily life. I am so sad to see it go.

I would like to echo the requests of others that perhaps Automagic can be put out there as an open-source project to be taken up and continued by others (I'd love to see the code).

Additionally, I would like to thank user Desmanto for his help in answering my questions in the forums.

Take care Martin, and all the best for the future.

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