The End of Automagic

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by valdimar » 10 Apr 2021 10:24

:o :o :o It is impossible, one of the best applications and probably the best for Android automation is running out. An era is ending. Thank you for this program and your support in getting to know it, and for your time and knowledge. Greetings .

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by ziotempa » 13 Apr 2021 01:18

Once I was a loyal Tasker user... I used to install it as the first app in each new phone I bought. Then I discovered Automagic. At first I couldn't believe that another app could be better than Tasker, but Automagic really is. I had a lot of flows written with Tasker, nonetheless I abandoned it because I felt Automagic was flexible as much as Tasker but much easier to manage. I really love it, I wrote many many flows and I always know that if there is something I want to automathize, Automagic will do it, it's just a matter of time for me to learn how to do it.
Thanks MARTIN for this great app. Everything comes to an end, so this is it. I wish that this could be handed to someone who would continue the great work you've done, but it's your creature and your choice.
I wish you all the best!

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by jmckeejr » 04 May 2021 15:59

I'm not sure if it's an EAP issue or device specific, but if I update the the latest EAP release 1.38 the service won't run and it says licence expired. Is there a way to use this still? I uninstalled and went back to 1.37 but would like the features of 1.38 (launcher trigger). I had to factory reset device so it may be something with new ID I believe it was working prior. Have tried uninstall and reinstall several times. I saw somewhere here that there's a license.license file to delete and start over but I couldn't find it if it still exists. Any help appreciated and I'm very sad to see this app end, I will continue to use it until it can't be used anymore. Also if it's relevant in a paid user had purchased years ago.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Fusseldieb » 09 Jun 2021 13:19

I, personally, will use this App until it falls apart with newer versions of Android.
It's the most complete and amazing automation App for Android and also lightyears in front of Tasker.

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Re: The End of Automagic

Post by Ra9om1ak » 10 Jul 2021 09:17

The best app ever seen. My favorite. What a loss.

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