Submit new flows from remote to unattended phones

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Submit new flows from remote to unattended phones

Post by stefanprivat » 08 May 2019 10:12

Hi all

Have following to do:
Need from remote periodically to submit new automagic flows to several unattended mobile phones.
I ask me, if there not exists an easier solution, than over sms-trigger, which initiates the flow download from ftp or dropbox.

Saw also in this forum a hint regarding "http post", but for this, I need some further details/ explanation/help.

Note: OpenVPN connection available to each phone

Short summary:
- Submit new flows from remote with a limited life time/limited iterations
- Enable automatic these flows after import
- Delete automatic these flows after predefined life time/limited iterations
- Disable existing flows (during life time of the new imported flows)

If anybody has experiences, hints or other suggestion with "submit new flows from remote", please let me know them, inclusive the details, how to perform/configure.

Many thanks


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Re: Submit new flows from remote to unattended phones

Post by Desmanto » 08 May 2019 18:34

It is possible to trigger via sms. You can send the link and some variables for the flow. Example you send the link of gdrive and with parameters 3 days. the remote devices will have a client flow, trigger SMS received, parse the sms text. Download the gdrive flow, import it to replace existing (if necessary), Enable the flow.

Then this flow will enable another timer flow, which will use the parameter 3 days as the limiter. The flow is using trigger Global Variable Datetime, with the value current time + 3 days. The action is to disable the imported flow (you can save the flow name when importing, into a global variable).

To limit the iteration, you can simply add condition execution count into the flow itself, put it at the end of the flow, give unique name to the execution count action, and put let say 10. True, set flow state disable. This will auto disable the flow itself after certain number of execution.

Other method of sending the flow can be using whatsapp (chatting apps), gmail (any email apps), MQTT with encrypted data (much harder to setup). HTTP Post require you to enable HTTP server on the remote device, and expose it to the internet. But you use VPN, which make it more difficult to access it remotely, as the public IP is NAT-ted by your VPN server.
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