WiFi Scan Results Available

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WiFi Scan Results Available

Post by Rhor » 04 May 2019 20:42


I recently upgraded to Pie while using a OnePlus 5T.
The Trigger "WiFi Scan Results Available" on Oreo would work reasonably well, getting results every few minutes.
Now on Pie it can take more than 20 minutes to get a result, therefore my version of "WiFi automatically on" which this Trigger is based on is not reliable anymore.

Any ideas on how I can get Wifi Scan Results more often?

Thank you.

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Re: WiFi Scan Results Available

Post by Desmanto » 04 May 2019 23:03

You can use additional flow with periodic timer with 5 minutes (or around that), add action wifi scan. Or you can simply use periodic timer with condition wifi available, leave ssid blank (to scan all).
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