Recording radio cells and assign them to an area (e.g. Work)

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Recording radio cells and assign them to an area (e.g. Work)

Post by johan » 23 Apr 2019 19:18

I have use Llama, which seems unusable since Android 8 (Oreo) see this thread. Llama recorded every radio cell with a time stamp and you could look at the last cells and assign the cells to an area like "Work", "Home", ...

How can I achive this with Automagic. E.g. at work I have more than one cell (about 5 as far as I can remember), each cell at work was assigned to area "Work", so I could set up a Llama rule "If in area Work between 07:00 to 18:00 switch to profile Silent" and whenever Llama detected it was in one of the cells assigned to area Work between the time interval, it automatically switched to profile "Silent".

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Re: Recording radio cells and assign them to an area (e.g. Work)

Post by ariloc » 24 Apr 2019 15:11

You can use trigger Phone Cell GSM. There you can start scan for cells and they will be listed in the three dots at the side of CID List, and there you can choose which ones you want (if you're at work you may want to select all), and then check to trigger only when Connected. From that trigger, you can put action Set Interruptions Mode to put your phone silent as you like. Then you do the same with a second flow to trigger when disconnected and then with same action, take your phone off silent.
Also, if you want everything in one flow, you can trigger when both connected and disconnected, and then use condition with same name as trigger, and check if you actually disconnected from or connected to the cell area, and depending on that put your phone silent or take it off.
Always use trigger type "Connection to cell area".

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Re: Recording radio cells and assign them to an area (e.g. Work)

Post by Desmanto » 24 Apr 2019 17:33

Do you want the radio cell / location logger? You can paired the trigger with my variable logger flow : viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7285
For Radio Cell, use trigger Phone Cell GSM/CDMA as stated by ariloc, trigger when - on every change. You might need to tick Options wake device every - 5m, and force update. For location, almost similar, tick entering (or exiting, or both). Both trigger will run my logger script and save the variable to global variable. You can then design another flow to get the value from the logged glovar, or you can dig the glovar manually and copy the value you need.

To put 5 locations to trigger the flow, If you use location trigger method, you will have to add 5 triggers and select the coordinate based on the logged data. But if you use the Phone Cell GSM method, you can add multiple cell ID to check, using comma separated format, such as 17001234,17004567,17001800

Add condition time range, 07:00 - 18:00. true, Then add another condition Ringer mode - Silent. False, action ringer mode - silent. Android MM 6.0 above will require to set interruption mode too, to None. Condition ringer mode - silent ensure that if previously the flow has been trigger and phone has been silent, then no need to set it to silent again. If you move from any of these 5 locations to another, the flow get triggered, but only execute until condition ringer mode; as the it has been silent already.

Usually you will pair this with another flow to detect the exiting. Do the reverse for counterpart, choose Phone Cell GSM - disconnected and reverse the logic of the condition and action (ringer mode - normal, set interruption All). You can look more about geofencing in my index, geofencing
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