Bluetooth connected trigger on PX5

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Bluetooth connected trigger on PX5

Post by bzzz » 18 Apr 2019 21:46

I've an issue with Automagic and my Android Headunit car stereo (PX5 with Android 8.0 Hal9k ROM).

I've a flow that start with a "Bluetooth Device Connected" trigger on "all devices", but the flow doesn't run automatically neither when I've Automagic shown on foreground; I've enabled all possible permissions but I can't find any clue on the logs so I can't understand what's happening (it doesn't logs anything when a bluetooth device connects).

The same flow works ok on my Android 6.0 phone.

Can someone help me on how to debug this wrong behaviour?


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Re: Bluetooth connected trigger on PX5

Post by Desmanto » 20 Apr 2019 14:00

it seems the OS block the events of bluetooth device connected to be sent to Automagic. This might be related with some extra security/privacy permission. In LineageOS based ROM, there is extra feature called privacy guard. If this is enabled for the app, Automagic can't detect the bluetooth device connected event, as it is blocked immediately. You might need to find if there is this extra setting/permission in the settings of the ROM.

I have no problem with the bluetooth device connected, either the trigger or condition in my Xiaomi RN5, RR 7.0.1 Pie 9.0. You might want to debug your phone too, setup adb with logcat and connect the bluetooth. See if there is log for the connection at the logcat.
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