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gap in flow execution (samsung s10+)

Posted: 14 Apr 2019 13:43
by rsegoly
I have a flow which runs every minute, checks location and sends data to cloud using http request
I have just changed phone to be Samsung s10 + and noticed gaps in flow execution
I attach the log file, see 14.04.2019 07:28:12.868

Re: gap in flow execution (samsung s10+)

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 01:23
by Desmanto
You have 18 minutes of continous execution per minute. But suddenly stopped at 07:28:05.092, then started again at 09:28:05.089. It seems your phone went into doze mode and the maintenance windows is 2 hours. You need to tick "Allow in device idle/doze", so that the flow keep executing every minute even in doze.

And remember too, you might need to whitelist Automagic from Samsung app monitor (if you haven't do so) :

PS : Please edit your post to just remove the attachment. It contains some sensitive information which can be used to identify you.

Re: gap in flow execution (samsung s10+)

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 04:23
by rsegoly
Issue resolved