grayscale tiles

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grayscale tiles

Post by yxd0018 » 23 Feb 2019 19:13

I installed liquidRemix rom to replace los16 and it's been crash-free and has tons of customization.
I play a bit with quick setting trigger and action "update quick setting tile". It seems automagic insert 5 custom tiles by default (Tile1 - 5).
1. I create a flow to triggered by "quick settings tile selected" by Tile1, followed up by "update quick settings tile". But execution always yield error "tile is not available, please enable the trigger for this tile first".
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EDIT: fitured out, the flow must be enabled to work and can't be tested alone.

2. LiquidRemix rom has a grayscale in the digital wellness section and also a builtin grayscale tile in the quick setting. The grayscale tile's target is custom( It doesn't work with click() or clickById(). Any idea how to toggle it?

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