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Posted: 17 Apr 2018 18:08
by Autumn-Leigh
So, I am having trouble with the magnetic feild. when i shut the case it locks the screen, which is brilliant. but when i flip the top of the case behind it to use it , it still picks it up and locks it, what can i do to stop it please? iv tried proximity and it just glitches, and light.

Re: trouble

Posted: 18 Apr 2018 06:28
by Desmanto
It is a known problem for flipcase. Usually non original flipcase in samsung will produce this kind of problem. Their magnetic sensor value is not within the range of the standard. But this value will be different from one OEM to another. So we have to check the proximity too to see if the flipcase is covering the front or simply flipped at the back (not covering the proximity)

We have to filter the event. We can't prevent the event triggering the flow, but we can protect it so unwanted event can't go thru the main execution. Let's translate the things you want to simple wordings.

When : Flipcase is close (magnetic sensor to certain value)
While : If flipcase is covering front side (proximity sensor near)
Do : Lock device

When this translated to flow,
Trigger : Magnetic Sensor
Condition : Proximity sensor near
Action (True) : Lock Device

What happens is when the flipcase is closed to the front and covering the proximity sensor; flow triggered (by magnetic sensor). Check if proximity is near, of course it is. So execute action lock device.

When you open the flipcase, and fold it to the back, flow still got triggered (by magnetic sensor). Check if proximity is near, it is not, since the flipcase is folded to the back. So the flow stopped there, doing nothing even though the flow got triggered.