Collecting info from navi app ?

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Collecting info from navi app ?

Post by Tordenfod » 17 Aug 2017 13:31

I have a flow that reply to SMS when driving in my car. Pretty simple one, if Bluetooth radio connected reply to all incoming SMS .. "I'm driving if urgent please ring - i Can talk on handsfree "

Is it somehow possible to collect the remaining time to destination from my navi APP ( any one will do- Waze, maps, Nokia - you name it) so I could add a time stamp on the auto reply saying when I'm able to text again ...and maybe even the destination ( for a whitelist)

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Re: Collecting info from navi app ?

Post by Desmanto » 17 Aug 2017 16:22

You can take a look at mbirth's flow. He uses google direction API to calculate the delay, but can be use to calculate the ETA from your current location.

Just change the location to your current location, invoke the API to your destination. Parse the ETA, then you reply with "xx minutes to destination". You have to choose the destination first before started driving
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