Launcher with Locale API

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(Almost) the best of two worlds: gestures

Post by Bushmills » 26 May 2016 08:39

Automagic custom widget have an undeniable advantage over other desktop objects of most launchers: the different gestures they can respond to - at least if they're displayed in an overlay. This requirement limits the usefulness of gestures considerably.
But many launchers don't allow a similarly extensive set of gestures on desktop objects.
With lightning launcher, Automagic custom widget can be configured to respond to a substantial set of gestures again, without requiring that the widget is placed in its own overlay. This actually applies not only to Automagic widgets, but to any desktop object, including Automagic shortcuts.
I wrote "Almost" in the topic, because there is a small hitch: the Automagic widget receives no information what gesture was responsible for triggering a flow, bound to a widget. Should the flow wish to know, an individual flow is needed for every gesture. I posted a feature request, hoping that enough information is provided by Android to make it possible to pass that information to the flow.

(Screenshot: list of desktop objects types, available in Lightning Launcher. I'm about to choose "Widget", evidently)
Screenshot_2016-05-26-10-13-47.png (72 KiB) Viewed 32614 times
(Screenshot: list of widgets, before picking Automagic custom widget)
Screenshot_2016-05-26-10-14-16.png (149.72 KiB) Viewed 32614 times
(Screenshot: gestures configuration of desktop object, after widget was placed)
Screenshot_2016-05-26-10-15-56.png (112.4 KiB) Viewed 32614 times

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Re: Launcher with Locale API

Post by heilong » 09 Nov 2016 11:13

Hey Bushmills,

That Lightning launcher sounds awesome and can pair very well with Automagic. The concept of separate desktops is similar to a UNIX multi-desktop environment.

Your multi-function widget looks especially cool, do you mind sharing it and explaining which features does it have?

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Re: Launcher with Locale API

Post by newturn » 21 Nov 2016 11:58

Hey Bushmills,

the image for ... 682#p14682 is missing (first page, last entry). Mind to reupload it??

I have now a little time and would like to try all your suggestions/tutorial. Thanks for it!!!

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Re: Launcher with Locale API

Post by Miguel6 » 30 Oct 2017 07:16

Great tutorial! Good job!

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