Accelerometer consumption

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Accelerometer consumption

Post by nicsergio » 13 Oct 2014 15:27

Hello everyone

I'm thinking of using triggers based on the accelerometer, I saw that on my Motorola Moto G the nominal consumption of the sensor is only 0.25mA, then keeping it active 24 hours I should have a daily consumtion of about 6 mAh, which corresponds to 0.3% of the battery capacity.
I then did a gross test: I activated a flow with a trigger based on the device orientation and I tried to compare the battery consumption during eight hours in airplane mode (then with everything off).
With flow disabled during those eight hours I drop a battery level of about 5-6%, while that flow activated I recorded a decline of 9-10%, so a 4% increase in just eight hours at night.

What could be the cause?

thanks for the help

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