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asking about flow - localisation, google event

Posted: 17 May 2013 06:12
by Ra9om1ak
Maybe anyone knows, how to make something like this ?
1. Check the Google calendar at 7.20 am (every monday to friday) - if there is a event called "A", do nothing.
2. If there isn't, use trigger time (?), every monday to friday, at 7.25 am, check localisation by cell gsm. If I am in localisation "X", set vibrate mode.
3. I'm exiting from localisation "X", set normal mode.

I'm trying, trying, and there is no results :/

PS. In iffrent example, I made a very simple flow, phone cell connected to, there are definied cells, I am entering to area...and nothing. Should set ringer mode to silent, and do nothing.

Sorry for my English.