1st tests with new plugin feature

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1st tests with new plugin feature

Post by LightTempler » 09 Apr 2013 23:44


just did 1st tests with new experimental plugin feature for triggers.
(Supporting Locale plugins is a very cool decision, btw -> Like it!)

Test partner was 'Locale Gesture Control Plug-in' from 'Androgone Development'
(0.79 Euro in google playstore)

Simple test flow: Just the gesture plugin as trigger and a notification in statusbar.

Results: Automagic flow gets triggered when entering my saved gesture!
--> Fine new possibilities to start flows.

1) I have the flow to swith off and back on to get it triggered when
entering gesture a second time. Strange, but ok: Plugins are new and an experiment.

2) Seems I always have to open gesture input area of this plugin to enter my gesture.
Did not work when gesturing on desktop or on Chrome. Ok ... less usefull this way ;-(

Anyway: Trigger plugins have started to extend Automagic to boldly go where no one
have been before :-)

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Re: 1st tests with new plugin feature

Post by Martin » 10 Apr 2013 15:56


Thanks for reporting.
It seems that the plugin sends a notification that the state changed to 'satisfied' when the gesture is detected and then immediately changes the state back to 'unsatisfied' without sending a new notification.
This should be fixed in the next update of Automagic.


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